Tuesday, 4 October 2011

When we think of traveling the expanses of Europe

we conjure images of train stations and winding railways. The Europeans have harnessed the power of train travel and there is rarely a town or village that can’t be reached by rail. In the train you can play Farmerama if there is internet.

Imagine sitting in comfort as you race through the Alps or past the coastal towns of southern France. Unlike air travel, Europe by train allows you to see the striking countryside as you move between cities and across borders.

If you are planning an extended visit in Europe, consider a multi-country rail pass. This is the most economical way to travel by train allowing numerous countries for a single fare over the course of a pre-determined time period.

Train travel can also be a great way to simply transfer between two cities. Major routes such as London to Paris run multiple times per day almost every day of the week.

Most train stations in Europe offer luggage storage and lockers if you’d prefer to travel light. When traveling overnight, consider a sleeper car. It’s a fun experience as the rocking lulls you to sleep and stepping off the train in the morning rested and ready to go is worth the additional fare.

Of course, train travel is a great way to cover a lot of ground while keeping a small carbon footprint.

The main European cities typically have multiple train stations, so it’s wise to know exactly which station you will using and where it is located to avoid missed trains. When traveling with a pass, reservations are not required. Simply check the schedule at your train station to find a connection.

From high-speed trains to scenic or regional commuter trains, the international network of European rail travel is a fantastic way to experience Europe and her hidden treasures.

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